What is Wheat Straw Plastic and Is It Eco Friendly

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We often complain about how mother Earth is getting polluted, and within a few years, it will be impossible to live in a healthy environment, but we never pay attention to small things. We use plastic straws in our drinks, and most of us have packs of them in our homes to use anytime, but we never think how this plastic is the massive reason for pollution?

Sustainability and recycling is the only way to reduce waste and pollution from the planet. If you want to play your part in reducing plastic waste for a healthy future, you are at the right place. It’s high time to replace these solid straws with wheat straw plastic. Feeling confused and curious? Let’s dig a bit deeper to know what is Wheat Straw plastic and how it can help us secure the future of this planet.

What is Wheat Straw Plastic

Wheat straw plastic is a type of biodegradable plastic. It is made by extracting cellulose from wheat straw and then converting it into a liquid form. Wheat Straw Plastic is the new generation of sustainable alternative to traditional plastics, which are not biodegradable. Wheat straw is a brand-new, cutting-edge bio-plastic that can be used as an environmentally friendly substitute for plastics made from petroleum. It can be used in a variety of applications because wheat straw fibre is FDA-approved, food-safe certified, and BPA-free.

What is Wheat Straw Plastic and Is It Eco Friendly

Is wheat straw the same as plastic?

No, wheat straw plastic is entirely different from the conventional plastic straws we use. Wheat straw plastic is decomposable and leaves no toxins to hurt living beings. The best thing about this product is it takes same time to decompose as paper. Also, it works well as compost for plant growth. Also, the preparation processes are different as plastic involves tons of chemicals. We can’t use plastic straw for livestock bedding, but wheat straw has some nutritional elements, so it works for animals, too.

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Benefits of Wheat Straw Plastic

Whenever we are about to start using something, we always think about its benefits and what power it has to change the current problem. The massive problem we are going through is land pollution due to plastic waste. Indeed you are here to learn a few benefits of wheat straw for motivation. Let’s talk about some of the benefits of wheat straw plastic.

  • Biodegradable

We all are struggling when it comes to buying biodegradable products. Some brands claim to sell biodegradable products, but they are not telling the complete truth. Most of them are packed in solid plastic wrap, which is equally contagious and hard to decompose. Wheat straw plastic is biodegradable and freezer safe. As soon as you discard them, they can be re-melting into a pulp to mold into another shape. They are easy to biodegrade at home, or you can do it commercially.

  • Anti-Bacterial

Plastic straws are not anti-bacterial; after keeping them in your drawer for some time, they may smell. We don’t know what kind of plastic a company used to manufacture unhygienic plastic straws. Wheat straw plastic is odorless as it’s derived from natural sources, and they are anti-bacterial. It’s a sustainable product that is suitable to use in a daily routine. Also, if you use this product several times, it will not smell or contaminate even if putting hot food in crockery.

  • Lightweight

People use plastic crockery for picnics, parties, and get together as they are easy to carry anywhere. Plastic is advantageous in handling from adults to children, but now the same goes for wheat straw plastic. They are easy to clean, durable, and lightweight to carry for all your parties. Also, unlike plastic, you can have hot food in wheat straw crockery without worrying about small particles adding to your food. They are easy to store as you can stack them up anywhere, and later you can also mold them in any shape.

  • Fertilizer

How many products do we own that can also work as a fertilizer? Some of them say so, but they are not suitable for decomposition, so you have to throw them as everything else. Some of them are made of plastic, which is harmful to animals, insects, and even plants. Wheat straw plastic is de-composable, and you can later use it as a fertilizer. Without adding piles of plastic anymore on Earth, you can prepare fertilizer for plants.

  • Health Protection

According to several kinds of research, plastic is the massive reason behind several diseases, including cancer. The tiny grains of plastic that enter our body are indigestible and can cause several health complications. On the other hand, if we talk about wheat straw plastic, they are safe for your health and leave no adverse effects on your body. Till now, there is no evidence of health complications due to this material as it came from natural sources.

  • Durable

People are hesitant to use plastic crockery because it is not reusable and gets soggy after a few minutes. The main reason for using plastic is its durability and reusability several times. Wheat plastic straws are equally durable as plastic but not harmful. You can use bowls, plates, and cups made of wheat straw for every picnic, as they are easy to clean or reuse. Wheat straw is the best option if you want everyday sustainable crockery at affordable prices.

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Impact of Wheat Straw Plastic on Our Environment

What is Wheat Straw Plastic and Is It Eco Friendly

After using plastic and other harmful products for years, it’s our duty now to switch to sustainable products for the sake of future life. Plastic may seem durable, lightweight, and easy to discard, but it’s not because it is the main reason for pollution. From our roads to the sea, plastic straws are causing more harm than we thought. Wheat straw plastic is one of the most outstanding alternatives to plastic and is also essential in improving the surroundings.

Wheat straw is reducing plastic waste on the planet due to its natural-driven resources. It came as a wheat production byproduct and had a zero-waste substance. After being discarded, they can get recycled for preparing different things from it. Also, wheat straw plastic contains natural polymers, such as hair and nails, available in our bodies. Plastic is prepared with the help of artificial polymers, which can massively mess up the environment. Wheat straw plastic is non-allergic and suitable to use for everyone.

Plastic is not microwave-safe as it starts melting on a higher heat and adds its grains into your food. Wheat straw plastic is durable and can survive high heat without melting down. You can keep them in the refrigerator and freezer without a worry in the world. Due to natural manufacturing sources, no matter how long you keep them in your home, they will not get moldy. If you are wondering about its certifications and whether it’s allowed by higher authorities to use, do we have your answer? Wheat straw plastic is FDA approved and doesn’t have any toxins inside to leave harmful effects behind.

Also, we can play our part in reducing CO2 from the environment by reducing plastic waste. While manufacturing wheat straws, the industry doesn’t have to involve toxins or other methods to prepare them. The preparation of wheat straw plastic is safe and prevents littering our land from immersive waste.

Is wheat straw plastic better?

Wheat straw plastic is environmental-friendly and completely natural to decompose. They are built from food-grade and BPA-free materials, making them safe to use. The material of wheat plastic straw comes from what byproduct, and it is FDA approved. The manufacturing of wheat straws is excellent for the environment and doesn’t harm any living being from its material.

What is wheat straw used for?

When you add plastic straw to any hot beverage or food, it starts melting and leaves toxins in your food. On the other hand, wheat straw plastic is safe for your health as it can survive high temperatures without being in your food. Wheat straw is an edible grain that produces flour, wheat, pasta, and other products. Also, it is suitable to use as a fertilizer for plants and causes no harm to them. Plastic takes 100 years to decompose, while wheat straw takes equal time as paper.

Is wheat straw better than melamine?

Wheat straws are as durable and lightweight as traditional plastic, and you don’t have to keep switching between the two. Wheat straws are BPA-free and don’t contain any harmful material for your body. Wheat straw is far better than melamine because they are edible and cause no harm to your health. As we all are conscious about our health, it’s better to use and consume such things that are not harmful to our loved ones.

Final Thoughts

Our core responsibility is to reduce plastic waste as much as possible to make Earth a better place for coming generations. We are responsible for keeping this place healthy, thriving, and hygienic. As we all are more considerate and aware of the harmful effects of plastic, it’s time to switch to sustainable options like wheat straw plastic. A small step can make a big difference from your side.

Wheat straw plastic is not only a sustainable option but affordable, too. As we all are moving towards sustainable options, these things are available easily everywhere to save the planet. Play your part and stop using plastic to reduce waste.