Wheat Straw Plates Pros and Cons

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If you want to know about what is wheat straw plastic and all the wheat straw plates pros and cons, look no more as we have got the necessary information gathered for you under one roof.

How many times have you tried to give up completely on the use of plastic plates but your needs never let you? Well, all of us can completely relate!

Although the use of plastic plates is quite essential in daily life, there is no denying that plastic is one of the biggest enemies of the environment and has contributed tremendously to its destruction.

With people gaining more knowledge about how their daily life affects the environment and being concerned about making this Earth a better place, they are now finally finding alternatives to lessen their footprint on the environment.

If you are one of those and are finding an alternative to plastic plates, wheat straw plates are your go-to option. These plates are kind of plastic but made using wheat straw along with other food-grade plastic types, making them a renewable and biodegradable choice.

What is Wheat Straw Plastic

Wheat Straw Plates Pros and Cons

Wheat straw plastic is basically renewable, biodegradable and sustainable alternative to the conventional plastic used to make tableware. The plastic products are made using the byproduct of a natural material that is received during wheat production. This byproduct is usually burnt in the fields contributing to environmental pollution. Therefore, the wheat straw plastic has been considered a solution to utilize it in the best possible way.

It is famous in recent times because it is completely BPA-free, and no additional toxins are added in its manufacturing to provide maximum safety to the users. Additionally, unlike conventional plastic, it is completely biodegradable, so once you are done using the products, you can easily compost them rather than throwing them away in landfills and contribute to pollution.

Pros and Cons of Wheat Straw Plates

Not only are wheat straw plates more environmentally friendly than the average plastic plates, but as it is said, not everything that shines is gold. Similarly, these plates may break down quickly when tossed. Here are some more wheat straw plates’ pros and cons for you to know about.


1-     Non-toxic in nature

Since the wheat straw plates are made using eco-friendly raw material, they are entirely non-toxic, odorless, 100% BPA-free, and no harmful chemicals are used in their manufacturing process. This makes it a pretty healthy option as your new tableware is compared to the plates made using conventional plastic material.

2-     Easy to Clean and Store

No more worrying about putting all your efforts into cleaning the plates since these wheat straw plates are extremely easy to clean. Additionally, they are quite durable and don’t break easily, so you can conveniently store them the way you want to.

3-     Different shapes and colors

Conventional plastic plates come in different colours and shapes, which is one of the main reasons people prefer keeping them as their tableware. Well, let us break it to you, wheat straw plates are no different. They are also available in different shapes and colours and provide you with the option of choosing the best ones that go with your choice. Most of the colours available in wheat straw plastics are pastel colours like milky white, blue, green, and pink and shapes available are rectangle, oval, square, etc.

4-     Biodegradable

Unlike conventional plastic plates, the plates made using wheat straw are biodegradable since organic and natural materials are used to manufacture them. Once you are done using them, you don’t need to feel guilty about throwing them away and contributing to environmental pollution since they are completely biodegradable and don’t possess any harmful or adverse effects on the environment.

5-     Non-allergenic

You don’t need to worry about these plates triggering any allergic reactions in your body since they are entirely non-allergenic and gluten-free. Thanks to the organic and natural materials used for manufacturing them, you can easily use them without being concerned about the occurrence of any allergic reactions.

6-     Requires less energy

While the conventional plastic plates require loads of energy to get produced, this is not the case with wheat straw plates. The latter requires lesser energy and therefore lessens the emissions of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases that may contribute to polluting the environment.

7-     Microwave and Dishwasher Safe

Bonus, these plates are absolutely dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to clean them on your own if you are tired or sleepy with other home chores. Just place them in the dishwasher and see them getting cleaned like brand new. Also, you can keep them in the microwaves without any worry in the world since they can take high temperatures and don’t pose any threat like conventional plastic plates that contain BPA.

8-     Meet FDA guidelines

The Wheat Straw plates are considered completely safe to use even for kids since they meet the Food and Drug Administration guidelines and get a green tick of affirmation from the authorities.

9-     Durability

Although the plates are made using organic material, no compromise is made on the durability and shelf life that they have to offer. The whole credit goes to the natural fibres used that make them as durable as the conventional plastic so that they are robust enough to withstand daily life usage.

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1-     May get scratches

While this rarely happens with the plates made using conventional plastic, the wheat straw plates may get scratched if they have been manufactured using wheat straw propylene material. This material is not entirely scratch-resistant and, therefore, can get scratched quite sooner compared to artificial plastic plates.

2-     No printing

The wheat straw plates have limited colour options; you can find them in limited designs and usually in plain colours. Unlike conventional plastic plates, they may not have a printed layer that may make them more aesthetically pleasing.

3-     Need more care

The wheat straw plastics need more care to last longer. You may be unable to cut anything on them since the sharp object may leave a mark, unlike the conventional plastic plates.

4-     No longer heating

While they are microwave safe most of the time, it is not recommended to microwave them for longer than 3 minutes since they may fade or melt. You may need to use other utensils for more extended heating periods since even conventional plastic is not recommended to heat in the microwave.

Frequently Asked Questions about wheat straw plates pros and cons

How long do wheat straw plates last?

Like plates made of any other kind of plastic, the wheat straw plates are also highly durable and may last around 5 to 10 years easily. Owing to their durability, these plates are pretty suitable to be used for in daily life use.

Are wheat straw plates toxic?

No, wheat straw plates are completely safe to use, even for kids, since they are 100% non-toxic and BPA free. Additionally, all the products made using wheat straw are naturally anti-odour and anti-bacterial, which makes them quite suitable for use.

Are wheat straw cups safe?

Yes, all the products made using wheat straw, including cups, are completely safe to use. They are non-toxic and completely BPA-free, making them suitable to be used even by little kids. Also, wheat straw products are considered food-grade material and have received FDA approval.

Is wheat straw environmental friendly?

Wheat straw is sustainable and renewable, and the plastic products made using wheat straw are completely natural and can be decomposed later to be used as a fertilizer. Unlike other plastic products that remain forever and contribute to environmental pollution, wheat straw plastic is an exception.

Can you put wheat straw plates in the microwave?

Yes, you can put your wheat straw plates in the microwave since they are microwave safe. However, make sure you have purchased the right ones. If the wheat straw plates that you have purchased are made of 100% wheat straw, then they are not microwaveable. If they are made with any other food-grade plastic material, you can easily microwave them.

Do wheat straw plates scratch easily?

If the plates are made using wheat straw propylene material, they are not scratch resistant and can get scratched. However, the durability, biodegradability, and non-toxic nature of this plastic make it worth it.


While conventional plastic plates have been your partner for a more extended period of time, you can’t deny the fact that they contribute to environmental pollution as much as other things made of plastic do. Therefore, moving to a more organic and eco-friendly option is the need of time. This is where the wheat straw plates come to the rescue.

Not only is their manufacturing process consume a lot less energy than conventional plastic manufacturing, but they are completely biodegradable so that you can easily compost them once you are done using them for your daily use. In this article, we have covered all the wheat straw plates pros and cons so that you can grab them asap and get rid of the toxic plastic once and for all.