Best Eco friendly Fabric Softeners

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Do you like soft clothes?? Yes? If you really do, our list of best eco friendly fabric softeners is worth the look. Here, it is important to probe why we emphasize buying eco-friendly fabric softeners. Eco-friendly fabric softeners are gentle on the environment as well as on the human body. Ordinary softeners contain harsh softening agents that not only trigger different diseases but also have an adverse impact on the environment.

We believe that making an informed decision is inevitable. That is why we conducted extensive research and testing and picked the best fabric softeners that are eco-friendly. In addition, in this article, we have also addressed some of the critical concerns regarding the use of fabric softeners so that you may be able to make the buying decision wisely.

Best Eco friendly Fabric Softeners

Read down the lines and find how the fabric softeners can impact our planet and also the best products which are safe as well as affordable. All the reviewed products are tried and tested and would definitely satisfy your love for soft and fluffy clothes.

Why should we buy a fabric softener?

Buying a fabric softener is essential when you love soft clothes. Ordinary detergents usually leave the clothes scratched and rough. That is why people find it essential, along with using laundry detergents and dryer balls. This is the reason their demand is being increased over time.
However, some fabric softeners impact our overall environment adversely, so we should be careful while buying a softener. We can always switch to alternative ways, laundry hacks or more gentle and environmental-friendly alternatives to make the world a livable place.

Are Fabric softeners really harmful to the environment?

Research and studies reveal that fabric softeners contain many harsh chemicals and ingredients which have a terrible impact on the environmental health of the planet. Moreover, they are also harmful to human health and trigger many diseases.
The softeners are usually made using petroleum-based chemicals which are not biodegradable. These harsh chemicals seep into the soil and water and harm marine life. Moreover, the ingredients they contain are not vegan or cruelty-free. Some softeners contain an ingredient named Dihydrogenated tallow dimethyl ammonium chloride or Quats, sourced from animal fat, so they adversely impact nature. These softening agents now only cause environmental disruptions but also triggers asthma, infertility and other diseases related to the reproductive system.

Moreover, fabric softeners are infused with certain fragrances so that your clothes may smell good. The fragrances contain phthalates and other toxic chemicals which trigger breathing difficulties and different skin diseases and allergies. In addition, the softening agents contain many colours and preservatives, which are linked to cancers and other allergies.

So, why keep your health at risk?? Check the labels and make sure that the fabric softener you buy is free from toxic chemicals like hydroxyethyl methyl, diethyl ester dimethyl ammonium chloride and ammonium methyl sulphate etc. Some softeners come with vague labels. It’s better to investigate what they contain so that you may be able to make a safe choice. Furthermore, you can always look for some good alternatives like DIY hacks, organic oils or gentle fabric softeners, which are environment-friendly.

How Does Eco-Friendly Fabric Softener Work?

Cotton and wool are more prone to stretching, fraying and hardening when washed. So, it feels good to use a fabric softener that smooths out the fibre and reduces the static charge. Unfortunately, most fabric softeners contain harmful chemicals which are not environmental-friendly. However, Eco-friendly fabric softeners are also available in the market. These products contain organic plant and mineral-based ingredients which can achieve the same impact without disrupting the ecosystem.

Best Eco-friendly Fabric Softeners Reviews

1.   Ecover Fabric Softener – Morning Fresh

Eco friendly Fabric Softeners

Are you looking for the best solution to soften your clothes along with keeping your planet safe and healthy? Ecover Fabric Softener is absolutely the best bet. The softener not only softens the clothes, reduces the static charge and smooths out the texture like other fabric softeners, but it also contains recyclable ingredients, which ordinary fabric softeners do not have.

It is made up of plant-based ingredients which are 100% biodegradable and do not impact the ecosystem adversely. The formula is gentle on your skin and does not cause irritation, swelling or rashes etc. It is made for high-efficiency washing machines and leaves behind a refreshing floral fragrance. All the ingredients are safe for aquatic life and septic tanks. Moreover, it is an absolutely cruelty-free product, and no animal testing is being conducted during its manufacturing process.

Overall, Ecover Fabric softener is a considerable choice if you are looking for a light-smelling safe fabric softener that may keep your laundry static-free and soft.

  • Eco-friendly
  • 100% biodegradable and recyclable ingredients
  • Do not clog or builds up in the water tank or dispenser.
  • Gives a refreshing scent and feel.
  • The scent is very light
  • It has a very thick texture

2.   Downy Nature Blends Laundry Fabric Softener Liquid

Eco friendly Fabric Softeners

If you are looking for a plant-based liquid softener, Downy is the best pick. Downy nature blends are made up of 100% plant-based ingredients which are safe for the planet. The softener contains coconut oil and helps you keep your clothes in shape. It protects, softens and smooths out the clothes. Moreover, it also reduces static cling. This formula comes in two cool scents, i.e. fruity and musky honey lavender and refreshing rose water and aloe.

Downy Nature Blends is gentle on the skin, never causes rashes or irritation etc. It is USDA certified and does not undergo animal testing in the manufacturing process, so people encouraging a vegan lifestyle can buy it. It is free from dyes and preservatives, so it does not wear down the clothes. It is best for High-efficiency as well non-high efficiency washing machines. Moreover, the ingredients are quickly biodegradable. Just pour a bit of liquid into the washing machine and enjoy comfy wearables.

Overall, downy is an affordable as well as reliable choice. It is the choice of millions of households who choose to buy an eco-friendly alternative to life-threatening animal-based formulas.

  • Cruelty-free softener
  • Environment-friendly biodegradable ingredients
  • Come in two refreshing plant-based scents
  • Free from dyes and preservatives.
  • Watery texture and very weak scent

3.    Botanical Origin Plant-based Fabric Softener

Eco friendly Fabric Softeners

Here is another highly-rated plant-based fabric softener that can make a difference. This fabric softener is made up of plant-based ingredients. 71% of the formula is bio-based, and USDA approved. The formula softens and smoothens your clothes without compromising environmental health as well as performance. It keeps your laundry fresh and fragrant. It is free from parabens and brighteners, which cause harm to the ecosystem.

It is free from chlorine, phosphate and other preservatives, which are toxic to health. It is a hypoallergenic formula with a very pleasing scent. It comes in two fragrances, i.e. Jasmine and Lavender. It is tested by dermatologists, so it does not cause skin diseases. Moreover, the botanical origin fabric softener is best for high-efficiency washers as well as hand washing.

So, buy Botanical origin plant-based fabric softener once, and we believe you will stick to this eco-friendly and useful formula for a lifetime.

  • Plant-based fabric softener
  • USDA approved formula
  • Free from chlorine, dyes and preservatives
  • Best for HE washers as well as hand washing.
  • Long-lasting fragrance
  • N/a

4.   Seventh Generation Natural Fabric Softener 

Eco friendly Fabric Softeners

If you like super-soft clothes along with a strong refreshing scent, Seventh Generation natural fabric softener is a must buy. This formula has a tempting botanical smell which gives an energizing feel. It has an orange blossom vanilla fragrance which is unique and makes it more noticeable. The seventh-generation natural fabric softener is 100% bio-degradable, so it is friendly to the ecosystem.

The formula is free from dyes, preservatives and paraben, which are triggers for different allergies and cancers. It is gentle on the skin and does not cause rashes or skin irritation. This plant-based formula is suitable for high-efficiency washers as well as ordinary ones. The only minus is the fact that it is tested on animals, so beware if you have a vegan lifestyle and you use cruelty-free products.

If you don’t have a vegan lifestyle, the fabric softener is a considerable option. It is safe, affordable and hypoallergenic and contains ingredients that are 100% harmless for the planet’s health.

  • Extremely refreshing, long-lasting fragrance
  • Free from dyes, brighteners and preservatives
  • Plant-based formula
  • Biodegradable and recyclable
  • It is not cruelty-free

5.   Bio-D BioD Fabric Conditioner Lavender

Eco friendly Fabric Softeners

Bio-D BioD Fabric conditioner is another great alternative to the conventional fabric softener, which is a threat to the planet and your health. The softener offers great performance and makes your laundry fresh-smelling, static-free and soft. It does not leave residues on clothes and is gentle on the skin. Moreover, as the name claims, Bio-D is a bio-based formula that is quickly degradable, so it does not cause harm to the ecosystem.

The formula has a sweet-smelling lavender fabric sourced from lavender essential oils, so the smell stays long in the clothes. Moreover, it is a 100% cruelty-free product, so you can use it confidently. It is pet-friendly and does not cause skin rashes or irritation. Another Eco-friendly aspect of the formula is its packaging. It is packaged in a post-consumer recyclable bottle.

The most appealing feature of Bio-D fabric softener is its long-lasting sweet scent which remains in clothes for a long time, so if you prefer overly-scented clothes, try Bio-D and stay happily scented.

  • Bio-based quickly bio-degradable formula
  • Eco-friendly recyclable packaging
  • a sweet-smelling fragrance that lasts long
  • free from dyes, preservatives and toxic chemicals
  • pet-friendly formula
  • Affordable formula
  • N/a

6.   Eco Max Laundry Products-Fabric Softener

Eco friendly Fabric Softeners

If you have skin sensitivities and looking for a hypoallergenic formula, Eco Max Laundry Product is a considerable pick. The fabric softener is gentle on the skin. It never causes rashes and irritation like the ordinary fabric softener, so you can even wash your clothes with your hands. It does not leave chemical residues and does not prevents moisture-wicking.

Eco Max Laundry Product is made up of 100% biodegradable ingredients. The constituents are derived from sustainable plant-based resources, so they are not harmful to the earth. The enterprise does not conduct animal testing, so people with a vegan lifestyle can use it assertively. However, the formula is odourless, so it is not a favourable choice if you want a long-lasting, sweet-smelling fragrance in the clothes.

Eco Max Laundry fabric softener is best for people with allergies. If you have toddlers and young kids at home, then it is a super-safe formula, and you can buy it assertively.

  • Hypoallergenic, best for people having allergies
  • Do not leave chemical residues or build-up
  • % biodegradable plant-based resources are used
  • Cruelty-free formula
  • It is scent-free

7.   Mrs Meyers Liquid Fabric Softener

Eco friendly Fabric Softeners

Mrs Meyers is a liquid fabric softener for high-efficiency washers. It is a bio-degradable formula that is not harmful to the environment. It is free from parabens, phthalates and dyes and preservatives. It is safe for the skin and does not trigger allergic reactions. The formula does not contain animal-based constituents. It is made from sustainable botanical resources. It makes your clothes fluffy, fresh-smelling and does not wear down the fabric as the other softeners do.

Mrs Meyers Liquid Fabric has also earned a Leaping Bunny Certificate because it is absolutely cruelty-free and is not tested on animals. So, it’s a great deal for people to have a vegan lifestyle. However, it is not suitable for hand-washing, so make sure to buy the formula only for machine use. It is thoughtfully formulated using garden scents that last long in your clothes and keep them static-free and smooth. It comes in different variants using different botanical scents like Lavender, basil, lemon verbena, geranium and honeysuckle. So, you have a variety of mesmerizing scents to choose from.

Overall, the formula is a great choice if you want to use it as a HE washer. It is affordable, safe and sweet-smelling, and we are sure you would love the fluffiness and smell of clothes washed with this formula.

  • Comes in a lot of botanical fragrances
  • It is an absolutely cruelty-free formula
  • Formulated using biodegradable botanical resources
  • Free from preservatives, dyes and other harmful constituents
  • The liquid is very thick

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all fabric softeners toxic?

No, all the fabric softeners are not toxic. You should considerately look for a fabric softener that may not contain harsh chemicals and toxic agents. There are various enterprises that are making such fabric softeners at affordable prices.

What are the Pros and Cons of Fabric Softeners?

  • They make the clothes comfy because they soften the fabric.
  • They make the fabric non-static.
  • They reduce the absorbing ability of the fabric.
  • They are harmful to the ecosystem.
  • They are harmful to human health and trigger different skin related diseases and cancers.

Is fabric softener a fire hazard?

Yes, some fabric softeners make the fabric more flammable.

What to look for when buying an eco-friendly fabric softener?

There are several factors that should not be overlooked when it comes to buying eco-friendly products. We have jotted down the few below.

Always buy high-quality branded fabric softener.

Don’t go for cheap products because it is all about your health. If you prefer an eco-friendly alternative, it’s good but make sure you choose the brand wisely. High-quality branded products are a bit expensive, but they contain what they claim. So, you are concerned about the planet’s health. Choose the formula wisely.

Check labels considerately

Check the labels of the softeners available in the store or online market. Make sure you never overlook vague terms. Investigate the ingredient if it is named vaguely. The formula must not contain Dihydrogenated tallow dimethyl ammonium chloride or Quats or chemicals like hydroxyethyl methyl, diethyl ester dimethyl ammonium chloride and ammonium methyl sulphate etc. because they are harmful and responsible for the deterioration of the ecosystem.

Buy Cruelty-free formula

Prefer choosing a cruelty-free formula. Typically, it is written on the label whether the formula is cruelty-free or not, but if it is not stated on the bottle, investigate on the internet and check whether the enterprise conducts animal testing or not. It is favourable to buy a vegan product that shows concern for nature.

Fabric softener should be free from Preservatives.

Some fabric softeners contain dyes, preservatives and brighteners, which are not good for the environment. They are sourced from animal-based resources, so they are neither good for human health nor good for the ecosystem.

Buy a Hypoallergenic formula.

Some Fabric softeners trigger allergies, cancers, irritation and skin-related issues. Some products cause rashes and itching to the skin. So, buy a hypoallergenic, pet-friendly and kid-friendly product.

Summing Up

If you don’t like scratchy clothes, give these eco-friendly fabric softeners a try. We are sure they will not let you down. All of them are gentle and free from toxic chemicals, so you can confidently buy them. Do share your reviews with us in the comments section below. Cheers.