Eco-Friendly Glow Sticks – A Guide to Sustainable Party Essentials


Despite being so popular among children, glow sticks have fans of all ages. Anyone who claims to not like these wonderful creations is surely missing out on their life. The interesting thing is you can use glow sticks in numerous ways other than just partying and fun activities. You can also use them for decor, in outdoor night activities like night fishing, and even in emergency situations. However, this product is usually made by using hazardous chemicals, encasing in glass, and wrapping in plastics. Talk about environmental unfriendliness!

There is no doubt that glow sticks bring light and life to festivals and parties, but have you ever wondered about the environmental cost of their ongoing abundance? As a responsible, caring citizen of your state, you should consider the damage that you would unintentionally do to the environment. That’s why you should look out for non-toxic, eco-friendly glow sticks so you can party extra hard without causing any trouble to the environment.

List of the Eco-Friendly Glow Sticks:

1.     32 Ultra Bright 6-Inches Eco-Friendly  Glow Sticks:

Eco-Friendly Glow Sticks

When you have impressive eco-friendly glow sticks available, there is no need to harm your environment with toxic glow sticks. The glow sticks are said to have been constructed using the most innovative industrial-grade technique of construction. According to our research, the glow sticks are non-flammable, waterproof, and feature non-toxic chemistry. It indicates that the glow sticks can be a significant choice for environmentally friendly and long-lasting glow sticks for special occasions.

What’s more, waterproof party glow sticks are made to glow brightly for twelve hours. Thanks to their easy-to-use design, these sticks can light up your parties by providing a unique way of having fun. In addition, the sellers claim that these glow sticks are of premium quality as it is made by using a perfect blend of premium materials so you can enjoy waterproof and non-toxic glow sticks. All you need to do is loop these fun multicolor sticks to your wrist and enjoy. Another great thing about the glow sticks is that they are claimed to be 100% safe due to the factors like eco-friendly, water-resistant, and CPSIA-compliant.

  • Harmless
  • Long-lasting
  • Waterproof
  • Industrial grade construction
  • Received a complaint about receiving limited colors.

2.     Blu7ive 30 Pieces Led Eco-Friendly Foam Sticks

Eco-Friendly Glow Sticks

These glow lights offer a long flashing time of 5-8 hours. One thing unique about them is that these glow sticks offer three lighting modes, including slow lighting, one color changing, and multi-colored flashing. You can select any of the modes as per your preferences and the event. In addition, it comes in non-woven packaging, which makes it a potentially suitable choice to gift to your family members, friends, or loved ones. Due to their versatile usage, these glow sticks can make your parties, sporting events, festivals, nightlife, and other night events more exciting.

In addition, these glow sticks by Blu7ive can be turned on and off. You can easily control their usage and save the battery for the right time. Furthermore, the glow sticks offer a changeable battery for reusing. According to our research, the sellers claim that the glow sticks are safe for kids. That’s because the foam sticks are said to be harmless, commercial grade, and a great alternative to lightstabers of plastic material. Lastly, the sellers aim to offer an economical, average price for the glow sticks to each customer by providing a set of 30 glow sticks.

  • Three modes of glowing
  • High-quality three mAh battery
  • On/off function
  • Safe for kids
  • Received a complaint for being very fragile and shutting off quickly

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3.     Glow Stick Bulk – 205 Pcs – Glow in the Dark 100 Party Sticks:

Eco-Friendly Glow Sticks

People who are looking forward to getting eco-friendly glow sticks in large amounts can consider this glow sticks from the Amy Glow store. The package comes in a pack of 100 super bright multi-colored light glow sticks offering colors like blue, green, yellow, pink, and orange. Furthermore, the package also offers two triple connectors, 100 bracelet connectors, one eyeglasses kit, and two ball connectors. Furthermore, the sellers claim that these fluorescent glow sticks can last for ten to twelve hours with a simple shake and snap.

The quality connectors offer easy bendability for children without a risk of getting broken. In addition, the long-lasting glow sticks for kids are said to have been designed by using a high-quality water-resistant material that is both non-flammable and non-toxic for the safety of children. It means that you can allow your kids to have fun decorating parties the way they want with the help of these glowing party supplies sticks. You can also join them and make funky stuff like bracelets, necklaces, eyeglasses, and more.

  • About 12 hours lasting time
  • Safe for kids
  • No leakage
  • Water-resistant
  • Received complaint for having low lights and limited colors

4.     PartySticks Glow Sticks Party Supplies for Kids and Adults:

Eco-Friendly Glow Sticks

Get 25 large glow sticks, and make sure to light up your parties using these 6-inch long light sticks. They offer assorted colors of red, green, blue, yellow, purple, and orange. As per our analysis, the glow sticks offer water resistance and can be used as party decorations, and in the pool. According to the sellers, the glow sticks are non-toxic, non-leaking, and capable of floating.

Another great feature mentioned about this product is that the glow sticks are claimed to be long-lasting for about 10-14 hours. In order to activate them, users are instructed to snap in the middle, followed by shaking until the glow sticks get lit up. In addition, the quality performance is also guaranteed by the sellers. In case the glow sticks don’t glow bright, you can get a complete refund. So don’t wait much and consider getting glow sticks for spicing up your parties. Alternatively, you can also use them as giveaway toys to make the kids’ day.

  • Long-lasting performance
  • 6-inch long
  • Kids safety
  • Non-toxic
  • Received a complaint for not including all colors in the package

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5.     PartySticks Eco-Friendly Glow Sticks Party Supplies

Eco-Friendly Glow Sticks

Here is another option for the best eco-friendly glow sticks from PartySticks. This package offers 100 pieces of multi-colored vibrant, and easy-to-activate light sticks along with 100 dependable connectors. According to our research, the glow sticks offer six colors, including ultra-bright pink, orange, blue, yellow, green, and turquoise. In order to activate them, users are told to snap the glow sticks and then shake them well. Let your creative side flourish by making different stuff from simple sticks, such as glow toys, glow necklaces, glow party decor, and glow bracelets. No wonder this simple-yet-impressive product is so popular among children as well as adults; it can be utilized in several different ways.

Just like many other options for the best eco-friendly glow sticks, these glow sticks are also claimed to be non-leaking and non-toxic, which indicates how safe they can be for kids. In addition, the sellers also claim that the glow sticks exceed the safety standard and are made of flexible, durable plastic. As per our research, the glow sticks are also said to be US-tested, 100% quality assured, and 100% nontoxic.

  • Waterproof
  • US-tested
  • Non-toxic
  • Offers six colors
  • Received a complaint for short connectors

6.     30 Ultra Bright Eco-Friendly Glow Sticks in Bulk

Eco-Friendly Glow Sticks

These simple-to-use glow sticks can bring more value to your life than just being a cool and fun party prop. The non-flammable, non-toxic, and waterproof glow sticks are said to have been engineered by keeping safety in mind, as it is quite essential. Furthermore, the sellers claim that the glow sticks are not like the other cheap ones available in the market because these glow sticks are so bright that one can see them from more than a mile away. Talk about quality performance!

What’s another great thing that you would appreciate is that the glow sticks can be useful for emergency preparedness. They offer a 360° bright light for about twelve hours. You can also take them for outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, or boating. As per the sellers, these glow sticks are designed under strict quality control so users can feel relaxed knowing that their children are safe while playing with these glow sticks. As far as the activation is concerned, the process is pretty simple and quite similar to other glow sticks. You need to bend the stick, and when you hear it snapping, you’re good to go.

  • Offers durability
  • Multi-usage
  • Ultra-bright
  • Non-leaking
  • Received a complaint about poor packaging

7.     100 Ultra Bright Eco-Friendly Glow Stick Bulk

Eco-Friendly Glow Sticks

Looking for something to keep your kids occupied? Try out the glow sticks that offer hours of endless fun. These glow sticks offer an extra bright glow along with child-safe features so your kids can enjoy and party hard. According to the sellers, the product is suitable for children aged 3+ years. There are seven different colors offered by the product to make fun necklaces and bracelets. The colors include purple, yellow, orange, green, pink, red, and blue. When it comes to quality, the sellers claim that the glow sticks are made under strict quality control by using high-quality material to ensure providing about six hours of glowing light.

As far as the material is concerned, the glow sticks are said to have used by using top-notch materials so the connectors can stay put. Other than that, the product also offers a reduced amount of plastic from the material of every glow stick by 17%. Furthermore, the glow sticks also offer a sturdy design, so they don’t break easily and begin leaking. However, due to the sturdy design, some users may find them to be hard to snap.

  • Strong built
  • No leaking
  • Non-toxic
  • Offer ultra-bright colors
  • Received a complaint about the product being very thin

The Best Eco-Friendly Glow Sticks – Buying Guide:

We have included the buying guide to give you an idea of what to look for while buying eco-friendly glowing sticks. These factors can help you prioritize based on your needs, thereby making it a little easier to choose the product wisely.

Glow Time:

Not every glow stick offers the same glow time; it can range from six to twelve hours. If you are looking forward to buying eco-friendly glow lights that can also be used as emergency lights, they are likely to offer you a twelve-hour glow time. Keep in mind that the amount of light this product emits is supposed to diminish with the passage of time. The first few hours of usage may be brighter compared to later.

Color Variety:

As glow sticks are used in festivals, celebrations, and parties, make sure to buy the ones that offer multiple colors. In addition, do thorough research regarding what users have to say about the product that you are interested in. Try avoiding the ones that got the reviews of sending only limited colors after offering more. You don’t want your kids or friends to feel disappointed at a product that is supposed to double the excitement.

Shelf Life:

Make sure to check out the shelf of the glow sticks before you proceed to place your order. Some glow sticks offer a shelf life of two years, while others may even offer more. What is best for you depends on how much you are planning to use the glow lights and whether you want them for short-term usage or if it’s a long-term investment.


  • Do glow sticks expire?

Yes, they do expire once their shelf life is over.

  • What to do with the dead glow sticks?

Once punctured, glow sticks can release harmful chemicals for humans and animals. Make sure to dispose of them in the garbage.


Glow sticks are fun and can be an amazing addition to different kinds of celebrations. We hope that our provided information will help you decide on the best eco-friendly glow sticks for your family. Don’t forget to do thorough research before buying the product in order to save yourself from getting scammed. Good luck!