Is Fabric Softener Necessary – Exploring the Pros and Cons of this Laundry Staple

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We often trust advertisements and start using the product without complete knowledge. Today we are talking about fabric softener, which is often considered the life of your garments, but everything has different pros and cons. Fabric softener is surely the best way to increase the lifespan of your garment, but you need to learn more about it to know when to use it and when to not.

Fabric softeners are available in two forms; liquid and coated sheets. Fabric softeners connect with your garments and keep them soft, but sometimes due to the harsh chemicals, they can harm your health. Fabric softener doesn’t clean your clothes but brings a fragrance to them. Before using it in your laundry, it would be good to learn some details about it as we have an answer to your question, is fabric softener necessary?

Is Fabric Softener Necessary?

Using a fabric softener may not seem like a big deal, but it enhances the life of your garment. Fabric softener is also the fabric conditioner that saves your favorite clothes from damage, shredding, fuzz, and fading. You can use fabric softeners in any form, from liquid to sheets, in a dryer to have a soft touch on your clothes. The question that people are confused about is “is fabric softener necessary”? Many brands offer fabric softeners, but some are organic, while others are made of harsh formulations.

If you have athletic or training clothes, most of them ask not to use fabric softeners because of harsh chemicals. Your training or other special garments come up with a few features that keep your skin comfortable and allow it to breathe. As soon as you pour fabric softener over it, it loses its quality and becomes weak. Also, due to the strong formulation and scent, you may feel allergic after wearing the clothes. Many people may find fabric softener comfortable to use as it gives a cozy feel to their clothes. Still, some are not comfortable with the idea of using it due to health concerns.

Using fabric softeners after every wash isn’t necessary because some of them may cause high allergic reactions to skin conditions. You can replace them with several products, such as homemade fabric softeners, perfumes, or fragrant detergents. The laundry experts are not in favor of using fabric softener heavily because of its side effect. We can’t deny that fabric softeners can surely extend the lifespan of your favorite garment, but they are not suitable health-wise. Also, you can skip it for a few wash cycles to see the difference in your clothes and allergic reactions, if you have any.

Pros of Fabric Softener

Is Fabric Softener Necessary

Here are some of the pros of fabric softener you can have by using it. We hope you will decide at the end of this blog. Along with the information, we have prepared the pros and cons of fabric softener that you should know before using it.

  • Anti-Wrinkle

If you are not fond of ironing after laundry, you should use fabric softener in your garments. It has anti-wrinkle properties that keep your clothes fresh and wrinkle-free after drying. However, you can try more ways to prevent the fabric from getting wrinkled, such as hanging them on a hanger to dry, folding them in a certain manner, and removing them from a dryer immediately. Fabric softener gives you an easy way to deal with wrinkles; simply by using it on your clothes, you are less likely to see wrinkles.

  • Soften Fabric

It irritates many people when they see their favorite garments getting hard due to harsh detergent or after multiple washes. It also signals that after more washes, you will not be able to wear it anymore. In that case, you can use fabric softener to give your clothes a soft, cozy, and comfortable feel. You can see the difference when comparing garments with fabric softeners with those that don’t. The softness against your skin will be visible. Still, you should have an adequate amount of softener that doesn’t cause allergic reactions.

  • Retain Colors

Due to several laundry elements, many of your dresses may start getting faded, which is absolute horror when some of them are expensive. Countless factors, such as harsh detergent, bleach usage, and other excessive chemicals that play with colors, may happen. If your clothes are new and expensive, it’s advisable to wash them with your hands. If you can’t adopt such practice, use a small amount of fabric softener in the end, and it will retain the colors. As it increases the quality of your fabric fiber, it enhances the color and brings longevity.

  • Keep Clothes Fragrant

Have you ever witnessed your laundry’s odd and embarrassing odor because of an improper wash cycle? This also happens when your detergent is not strong enough to fight against stains and other laundry issues. It isn’t very pleasant when you realize that you must spend more time in the laundry as it requires more time. To deal with such a stressful and problematic situation, you should have a fabric softener. It keeps all your garments fragrant, soft, and easy to wear.

Cons of Fabric Softener

Let’s dive into some of the cons of using fabric softener as well for better understanding of the product.

  • Chemical Formulation

Whether you use the best fabric softener or an ordinary one, all of them are formulated with chemicals to get absorbed deep into the fibers. The chemicals may help your clothes last longer, but they are not suitable for your health. Some chemical compounds can trigger allergies and harm your skin after wearing the clothes. If you feel the patches on your skin right after using the fabric softener, you should immediately stop using it.

  • Not Environmental-Friendly

Every day we know how our planet is getting compromised because of unsustainable and harmful products. Some damage the planet through manufacturing and the rest from their residue. Fabric softener is unsuitable if you are a fan of sustainable and eco-friendly products. It is not environmental-friendly and may harm other animals or insects. Also, it’s harmful to sea animals due to chemical compounds, as the formula is not biodegradable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Is it worth using fabric softener?

Fabric softener is one of the essentials after laundry use because of multiple reasons. If you are searching for an answer to the question “Is fabric softener necessary” the answer is yes. Fabric softener is necessary to use not only to enhance the quality of your garments but to remove wrinkles, buildup, and odor. If you are not using fabric softener lately in your clothes, it can reduce the overall life of the garments and keep them manageable. It also reduces static electricity, which is responsible for damaging your clothes from different areas.

Can I skip fabric softener?

If you are skipping fabric softener lately because of health issues and other allergies, you should continue to do so. For some health conditions, fabric softeners are not beneficial, especially for newborns. According to some research, fabric softeners can make your clothes more flammable, and some leave their residue behind, which is harmful to health. Some people feel nauseous and sick after wearing clothes that have fabric softener residue. Allergies and other problems also depend on the formulation of a fabric softener. If you are not comfortable with a fabric softener, you should surely skip it.

What can I use instead of fabric softener?

If you are uncomfortable with a processed fabric softener, you can prepare one with no harmful side effects. To remove odor and enhance the life of the garments, you should use the fabric softener but not necessarily something that contains harsh ingredients. You can replace an ordinary fabric softener with baking soda and vinegar. Mix baking soda and vinegar with water and add a few drops of essential oil; it will perform similarly to a fabric softener. Also, you can use conditioner as a fabric softener, softening your clothes and making them fragrant without leaving any side effects.

Why do clothes say not to use fabric softener?

You must have seen the tag “do not use fabric softener” attached to some clothing. Most garments that warn you not to use it have moisture-wicking and absorption properties. Fabric softeners contain a waxy coating that interferes with the absorption properties of a garment. If you don’t want to eliminate the absorption properties of your garment, avoid using fabric softener. You can also use natural homemade softeners that can reduce odor after laundry.

Final Thoughts

If you love pleasant fragrance in your clothes, fabric softener is the right option for all your washing needs. Also, it removes wrinkles from your clothes, but if you have health concerns, it’s not appropriate to use it in all your washing cycles. It’s not a wise decision to compromise on your health; if you think a product is not suitable for your health, you can replace it with something organic. We hope this blog must have bought some clarity to your wash cycle. Go for easy products on your skin and formulated with mild ingredients.