Recycled plastic shoes – Sneakers made of recycled materials


Do you love adding different styles of shoes to your collection to make a style statement from everything you wear? If you are a shoe lover and already have different types of sneakers in your wardrobe, we bet you didn’t know the fact we are about to spill now. If you think shoe making is harmless, you are wrong because manufacturing equally contributes to adding pollution to the planet. How to keep up your style and save mother Earth from getting polluted? Recycled plastic shoes can change the dynamics of the planet and help you contribute to reducing pollution. Let us walk you through some of the recycled plastic shoes in your wardrobe.

Recycled plastic shoes – Sneakers made of recycled materials

Recycled Plastic Shoes for Comfort

  1. adidas Women’s Puremotion-Adapt Running Shoe

Recycled plastic shoes - Sneakers made of recycled materials

Want to wear something that won’t jeopardize the environment and keep up with your style? Adidas women’s pure motion running shoe is all you need. It’s known as one of the recycled plastic shoes for comfort to get your hands on without breaking the bank. The slip-on style makes this one easy to wear, and the snug fit keeps your foot fit inside without letting you adjust every few minutes. The shoe has elastic-like straps that give your foot a secure feel like socks and give you the freedom to walk, run or move at your own pace.

The upper of a shoe is made of a stretchy, soft, and comfortable fabric. Even after wearing it for hours, the running shoes are comfortable and don’t make your foot sweat, that later causes itching and allergic reactions. From carrying your look to parties to office gatherings, it will blend with your personality and support all your looks. The midsole of this shoe is superiorly cushioned and has a cloud foam. The outsole of a shoe is synthetic for the solid grip on the road regardless of the texture of the terrain.

Adidas women’s pure motion running shoe is your stylist when you don’t want to feel the weight on your legs while wearing it. Due to the recycled construction material, you will love everything about it. This premium shoe is all you need to wear when you want to walk with trends and create a buzz with your presence anywhere.

  • Easy to wear Breathable to prevent sweating Environmental-friendly Superior cushion for comfort
  • It’s not water-resistant

Recycled Plastic Shoes for Arch Support

  1. Minnetonka Women’s Eco Oak

Recycled plastic shoes - Sneakers made of recycled materials

If you are the kind of person who loves to style themselves according to the latest trends but is equally concerned about the environment, you should go for the Minnetonka women’s eco oak. The shoe is comfortable and long-lasting to wear and made of recycled plastic, making it suitable to use when you want to reduce waste from the planet. Minnetonka women’s eco oak is made with a removable contoured footbed to support your sole while running or walking.

It is one of the recycled plastic shoes for arch support with a soft interior. It features repurposed Berber lining to keep your feet warm in winter and prevent sweating in summer. Even after hours of wearing it, your feet will remain dry and odorless, which keeps skin away from other issues. The handcrafted fabric and laces make this shoe durable, which might be surprising, but the laces are made of 8 recycled plastic bottles. This shoe provides added balance and support due to the 5% recycled rice husk sole.

Also, Minnetonka women’s eco oak is on a mission to make the planet clean and green with its added efforts. They pledged to plant one tree with the non-profit partner with every purchase. Their drive to reduce waste from the planet is commendable, and people like to connect with their initiative. It is the best product to grab when you want to make a difference in the environment with your choices.

  • Made from recycled material Keep feet odorless Added support and cushion Contour according to the foot shape
  • N/A

Recycled Plastic Shoes for Breathability

  1. Vivobarefoot Men’s Primus Trail Shoe

Recycled plastic shoes - Sneakers made of recycled materials

If you want to take complete control of the most challenging terrain to perform well, here is your chance to switch to the best shoe to support your every step. Vivobarefoot men’s primus trail shoes’ upper is made of breathable synthetic mesh, which is fully flexible and lightweight to move. Even in the hottest weather, your feet won’t be sweaty because of the breathability of a shoe. The puncture-resistant sole and solid grip on the road make this sneaker different from all, and you can count on it for the ultimate performance.

If you are looking for the recycled plastic shoes for breathability, your search ends here. Many shoes have no added protection, which makes your foot tired and heavy, but you will never feel it once your foot is inside this shoe. It will let you take the lead and push your every step forward to keep you at ease. Regardless of your performing activity, you will love how it supports your sole. The shoe contours its body according to your sole, giving you the required space.


You will find this shoe perfect in every aspect of comfort, grip, and design. The shoe’s durability is out of the question, and you will love the performance once you slip your foot into it. For extra stability, you can always count on this shoe and keep your foot relaxed throughout the day without feeling extremely tired.

  • Comfortable to wear Support your sole Durable to last for years Flexible to move
  • The sizing chart is an issue

Recycled Plastic Shoes for Durability

  1. Nike Men’s Trail Running Shoes

Recycled plastic shoes - Sneakers made of recycled materials

Nike needs no introduction when searching for durable, comfortable, and stylish shoes that complement your personality. Nike men’s trail running shoes have an eye-catching look that makes your overall look worth it and is suitable for formal or casual wear. Before getting into the complex feature, if we talk about its beauty and appearance, you will love how it goes with all the colors and styles. Nike shoes are manufactured on technology that surpasses the softness and flexibility of other brands.

The overall quality of the shoe is incredible as it is one of the recycled plastic shoes for durability. The comfort and softness of the underfoot will support you throughout the ride. Whether climbing, walking, or running, these shoes are all you need to maintain comfort. The lightweight fly-knit upper delivers superior elasticity and allows you to move your foot in every direction. The aim while buying shoes should be to achieve maximum stability, and you can do it easily with this shoe. Wear Nike men’s trail running shoes if you want to maintain your comfort and flexibility.

Lastly, these shoes also support every step when you have arthritis or knee surgery. It will reduce the pressure from your joints and keep your feet light enough to move in any direction. There will be no more stiffness as they are super soft and comfortable to slip your feet inside.

  • Reduce pressure from knees Durable to last Superior elasticity Stabilize every step
  • N/A

Recycled Plastic Shoes with Stylish Appearance

  1. Kizik The Madrid Eco-Knit Slip-On Sneakers

Recycled plastic shoes - Sneakers made of recycled materials

If you are looking for the kind of sneaker that saves your feet from unnecessary pain and must be safe for the environment, this should not be a problem for you. Kizik the Madrid eco-knit slip-on sneakers are stylish to wear when you want everything matched up with your personality. This elegant shoe is not only comfortable for casual wear but formal too. It maintains your posture while wearing it for hours. The slip-on sneakers are best for both purposes and support the sole.

When searching for the recycled plastic shoes with stylish appearance, we often forget to inquire about the technologies used in the making. The sneakers have patented heel rebound technology, making them ultra-comfy. Even if you run on uneven terrain, you will be comfortable with it. If it annoys you to deal with long laces and other design complications in a shoe, it’s time to say goodbye and enjoy as much as you want to.

This breathable shoe is made from 100% recycled bottles, and the brand is trying to contribute a considerable time to reduce the waste from the environment. The classic design and comfort of the shoe are unmatchable, and every step will feel like a breeze. The contoured footbed and durable outsole make this shoe perfect for everyone.

  • Made from recycled plastic Patented heel rebound technology Classic design Comfortable to wear for long
  • They feel tight from the top for a broad foot.

Recycled Plastic Shoes with Sustainability

  1. adidas Originals Men’s Stan Smith

Recycled plastic shoes - Sneakers made of recycled materials

If you are fond of using shoes that must be classic in style, performance, and comfort, then you can always count on Adidas Originals Men’s Stan Smith. Adidas needs no introduction when looking for shoes that require no maintenance and must last for years. You may find them a bit heavy on your pocket, but once you have them, there is no going back to the old brand you used to wear.

Adidas Originals Men’s Stan Smith is one of the recycled plastic shoes with sustainability to get your hands on. The iconic style amplifies the message of saving the environment from pollution and plastic waste. People conscious about their style and appearance often look for shoes that should have a timeless look. If you want to wear sneakers with everything, let it be formal or casual, you should go with them because of their timeless style.

Along with the shoes’ appearance, performance, and beauty, if you want to avoid polluting the environment, you should buy shoes made from recycled material. Adidas Originals Men’s Stan Smith is made from high-performance recycled material with zero virgin polyesters. This classic shoe will not only support all your looks but reduce pollution from the environment by using plastic in manufacturing.

  • Comfortable to wear Reduce plastic waste Support all the looks Timeless design
  • N/A

How to Buy the Best Recycled Plastic Shoes

If you want to unlock comfort and style to carry your look with all the confidence at an affordable price, you should go for the best plastic recycled shoes. If you want to buy the best recycled plastic shoes, this is your guide to choosing the best one from the market. Let’s look into some of the factors that are essential to consider when buying them.

  • Affordability

Don’t we all dream of buying shoes with great affordability and style? Many massive brands offer great shoes with style and comfort but are way too expensive. None of us want to spend our whole salary buying a shoe that will be wasted after a few years. The first thing you should look for while purchasing the best recycled plastic shoes is affordability. People are moving more towards recycled material as it is environmentally friendly, reusable, and affordable, satisfying all your style needs.

  • Breathability

Breathability is a massive issue when you have to wear shoes all day long and don’t want your feet to be sweaty. This issue can bring lots of diseases with it. Also, many people become victims of embarrassment due to their smelly feet. The recycled plastic shoes are breathable and never make your feet sweaty when wearing them for a day. Before buying shoes, check out their breathability to save yourself from pain and difficulty.

  • Comfortable to Wear

We all can relate to the frustration we experience when after finding that one ideal shoe, we can’t get our hands on the comfortable one. The recycled plastic shoes are comfortable to wear, but when you are about to get them for the first time, confirm their comfort from the reviews. Learn what people are saying about it and then make a decision when you are confident about its comfort for your feet. A shoe must be comfortable because it can change how you walk and affect your confidence.

  • Attractive Appearance

The first thing we notice before looking into the features of shoes is their appearance. What if the sneaker is all tacky and doesn’t match your personality? Any shoe you are about to buy to give your personality a different perspective should be attractive. It must be according to the current trends, go with all your clothes and complement your personality when you wear them. Usually, people buy simple sneakers compatible with their dress style to control spending.

  • Construction

It’s not hygienic to wear something unhealthy for your skin, leaving several problems behind. Always inquire about the material your shoe is made of and whether it’s safe to wear for a long time. The construction of a shoe must be of premium material that keeps your feet comfortable, easy, and safe from sweat and other problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many plastic bottles are required to make a single pair of shoes?

If you ever look at the shoes closely, you might think, how could this thing take a lot of stuff to get manufactured? But a single pair of shoes consumes 11 plastic bottles. Shoes made of plastic are not delicate, and they tend to last. However, their manufacturing and used material are still a surprise for everyone. In the same way, it takes 9 bottles to make a single t-shirt.

  1. Are recycled plastic shoes durable to wear to use in the long term?

Yes, people usually get concerned about their shoe quality when they know that it’s made of recycled material. The quality will last longer, and you don’t have to buy a new pair of shoes every time due to quality concerns. Even if you wear these shoes regularly, you don’t have to worry about their longevity. Recycled plastic shoes last for a long time without compromising your comfort.

  1. How long do recycled plastic shoes last when used regularly?

If you have heard about recycled plastic shoes, you must know their quality. Plastic is durable to last for a long time; we all know that plastic takes a long time to decompose. Recycled plastic shoes tend to last for more than 2 years when used regularly. You can invest in these shoes without thinking much about quality because they are durable for a long time without the heavy maintenance. Also, they are easy to clean.

Wrapping Up

If you are looking for something that can satisfy your styling requirements and help you reduce pollution, this is your chance to switch to the recycled plastic shoes. Not only will you be able to contribute to the pollution issue, but you can change the environment by transforming consumer habits. From the comfortable style to the long-lasting quality, you can expect everything from recycled plastic shoes without compromising your style. Once you add these shoes to your wardrobe, there is no going back, and you will love their look.