5 Best Plastic Free Deodorant

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When it comes to our deodorant, we usually don’t like to switch frequently. Unless we find the perfect match to stick with, we tend to be less experimental with our deodorants. However, environmental changes require us to change our lifestyles. It includes adopting Eco-friendly habits in our lives, even products like deodorants. If you are looking for the best plastic free deodorant, keep reading. You may find the below-mentioned information interesting for an environmental-safe lifestyle.

Best Plastic Free Deodorant Buying Guide:

  1. Ethique Solid Deodorant Bar – Aluminium Free, Eco-Friendly, Sustainable, Plastic-Free:

Best Plastic Free Deodorant


This product offers an opportunity to stay confident and fresh all day long. The brand claims that their “wonder” ingredients can keep away your smell and sweat. Some of the ingredients include zinc oxide, magnesium oxide, and bamboo. Furthermore, this product is said to be scented with vanilla and lavender. It is made by using sweet almond oil and jojoba so you can enjoy the gentle application. It is free of aluminium or baking soda and offers easy application.


Natural Ingredients:

As per the sellers, this deodorant offers effective odour protection with its natural ingredients. These bars are said to be working naturally in order to keep you fresh. Furthermore, its formula is free from aluminium and baking soda. If you want to avoid these ingredients and go all-natural, this deodorant might suit you.

All Skin Types:

Another claim stated by the sellers is that the deodorants are safe for all skin types. This product offers talc-free, pH balanced, sulfate-free, and palm-oil-free formula. Since it includes only natural ingredients, according to the sellers, it may be gentle on the skin. However, before buying, you should discuss with your dermatologist or doctor the safety of the product.


These products are known for being eco-friendly, which is a great initiative. The boxes used for packaging are compostable and fully recyclable. It indicates that the brand really cares about the environment. Adopting an eco-friendly approach can reduce plastic consumption.

  • Cruelty-free
  • Plastic-free
  • Vegan
  • Easy application
  • Received complaint about being hard to put on

Final Verdict:

All in all, this product contains many features of a good zero waste deodorant. The formula of this deodorant is natural and aluminium-free. It is also said to be a vegan unisex deodorant with vanilla and lavender. Even though it claims to be good for all skin types, you should be careful of your skin. Ask your doctor about it and research more by reading the reviews.

  1. Zero Waste Deodorant Set, Plastic Free Natural Deodorant

Best Plastic Free Deodorant


This product seems to be focusing on solving the problems faced by numerous users. It offers 2 packs to ensure consumers’ ease and the product’s durability. Furthermore, this zero waste deodorant is said to be a plastic-free vegan product. As per the sellers, it has 100% compostable packaging. The formula contains baking soda and magnesium.



As you know, every individual’s requirements for deodorant differ. Some may need it in a moderate amount, but others may require more. This product tried to solve the problem by offering an additional small bottle. Hence, you are offered two bottles to ensure its long life. Keep it easily in your handbag and use it whenever you want.

Reduce Plastic:

Every year, millions of tons of plastic are thrown into the ocean. That’s why it has become quite necessary to have a waste-free deodorant in your life. This deodorant is said to come in paper push-up tubes. It can be a suitable product for a zero-waste bathroom.

No Nasties and No Stink:

If a product is good enough to get rid of the scent, we feel more confident. That’s somewhat what is offered by this deodorant as well. It contains no parabens, alcohol, talc, or soy. On the other hand, it has odour-neutralising ingredients for protection from the smell.

  • 4+ months supply
  • Vegan and plastic-free
  • Compostable packaging
  • Protects from the smelly underarms
  • Received a complaint about not protecting odour all-day

Final Verdict:

Here is another plastic-free deodorant that you may consider buying. It is said to be a vegan product with zero-waste. The sellers also claim that it is safe for your family and sensitive skin. However, doing your research and discussing it with the doctor would be effective. If you think the features are attractive, you can consider buying the product.

  1. Attitude Natural Baking Soda Free Deodorant for Sensitive Skin, Plastic-Free

Best Plastic Free Deodorant

PlasticfreereviewsThis one is yet another addition to our list of zero waste products. It is packed in cardboard packaging, which reduces plastic consumption. As per the sellers, the formula contains natural ingredients and no baking soda. Furthermore, it also offers long-lasting protection that may keep you fresh. In addition, this product is claimed to be cruelty-free and vegan.


For Sensitive Skin:

This deodorant is designed for users with sensitive skin. It offers long-lasting protection along with a soothing sensation. As it is free from baking soda and aluminium, it may be suitable for your skin. If your dermatologist or doctor allows, consider buying this deodorant.

Easy Application:

As this product comes in the form of a stick, it may be applied easily. As per the sellers, it offers maximum dehydration. It may be because it offers shea butter as well as coconut oil for its dehydration. Furthermore, this deodorant is designed to be unisex and with a light scent. Hence, anyone is free to try it.


According to the sellers, this deodorant has long-lasting skin protection on the users. The sellers claim to design products that are kind to users’ bodies and our environment. Moreover, the formula does not contain baking soda or aluminium. As a result, it may be a good choice to experience a soothing sensation in your body.

  • Vegan product
  • Climate pledge friendly
  • Zero waste deodorant
  • Long-lasting protection
  • Received the complaint about crumbling and falling in clumps

Final Verdict:

The overall features of this deodorant seem to be promising. That’s why it is listed among the best plastic free deodorants. It is designed for sensitive skin and offers long-term effects. This vegan deodorant is also said to be easy to apply. On the other hand, some users shared concerns about the bad quality of this deodorant. Hence, do further research before buying this deodorant.

  1. Lafe’s Natural Deodorant | Unscented Crystal Rock Deodorant

Best Plastic Free Deodorant

PlasticfreereviewsThis plastic-free deodorant is said to be made of a single ingredient only. As per the sellers, it doesn’t contain toxins or mineral salts. It can be a good option for travel enthusiasts as it seems to be an easy-to-carry product. Furthermore, the sellers also claim that it is a cruelty-free product. Below are mentioned some other features of this deodorant:


No Stains, No Residue:

This deodorant is made in a way that it doesn’t leave any stains on your clothes. So, if you don’t want to deal with the low-quality deodorants that may mess up your clothes, you may consider buying this one. It can be a good product to have in your deodorant collection. Furthermore, it is designed by adding certified organic ingredients.

Cruelty-Free and Vegan:

We are living in times of environmental changes where everything has an environmentally friendly alternative. Rather than using your traditional deodorant that includes plastic consumption, you can consider this deodorant. This deodorant, like many other products of this brand, is said to be cruelty-free. It indicates that it was not tested on animals using any cruel procedure.

B Corp Certified: 

This deodorant belongs to a family-owned brand. Having a B crop certification indicates that it must be meeting high standards. These standards include those of environmental and social performance, accountability, and transparency. It might be a good choice for you if you consider buying this deodorant.

  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • It doesn’t leave stain or residue
  • B Corp certified
  • Received complaints about having cuts and breaks.

Final Verdict:

All in all, this product contains the features of an environmentally-friendly deodorant. It is vegan and made with certified organic ingredients. The sellers also claim that their other products are SLS-free and paraben-free. However, it received a complaint about bad quality. However, you need to learn further about this deodorant before buying it.

  1. Tom’s of Maine Natural Strength Plastic-Free Deodorant

Best Plastic Free Deodorant

PlasticfreereviewsThis deodorant is made to be an aluminium-free product that can help your skin breathe. As per the sellers, it provides 48+hour odour protection. Furthermore, this deodorant can help you feel confident and be fresh. Moreover, this brand is also a Certified B Corp and said to meet the highest standards.


48-Hour Odor Protection:

This deodorant is designed to provide protection for quite a long time. This feature is important for people who don’t get much time to reapply for deodorants. This deodorant for men is made to make users feel confident and fresh all day. This sounds like a great feature, which is why you should consider buying it.

Natural and Responsible:

This product offers 100% plastic-free packaging to protect the environment. It indicates how caring the brand is for our planet. Furthermore, this natural deodorant does not contain any artificial fragrances.


According to the sellers, this deodorant by Tom’s of Maine is made aluminium-free. Aluminium-free deodorants can be helpful in fighting the odour without harming you. Usually, aluminium salt is used to prevent sweating. However, when the salt gets dissolved, it may be trapped in the body. Using antiperspirants frequently may cause aluminium to be accumulated in breast tissue.

  • 0% aluminum
  • Natural ingredients
  • No artificial fragrance
  • 48-hour odour protection
  • Received a complaint about containing aluminum chlorohydrate

Final Verdict:

This natural and sustainable deodorant offers an opportunity to feel lively as well as confident. It claims that it is aluminium-free, which is a great feature. However, one of the complaints stated that it contains aluminium chlorohydrate. Despite having some negative reviews, it also received praises from customers. Hence, make sure to do thorough research before you place an order.

Best Plastic Free Deodorant – Buyers’ Guide:

You may have guessed there are several deodorants in the market claiming to be plastic-free. So, which one should you buy? If you are still confused, read the buyer’s guide. It can help you understand the features that should be looked for in a deodorant.


When choosing the best plastic free deodorant, you need to consider its packaging. If the package contains abundant plastic, what’s the point of a plastic-free product? Hence, it is essential for you to find a deodorant that is sustainable in its outer and integral packaging.


Usually, zero waste deodorants are formulated by using natural ingredients. They tend to avoid harmful chemicals like parabens and aluminum. Therefore, you should always read the list of added ingredients to ensure safety. Always consult your doctor about suspicious ingredients as they may harm your skin.


Another feature of being a zero-waste deodorant is having recyclable packaging. While buying the product, you should consider whether the packaging material is recyclable in your locality. You can also check the local waste collection service. Taking care of the environment should be our priority.

Best Plastic Free Deodorant – FAQs:

  1. Why are plastic free deodorants important?

These products offer an environmental-friendly alternative to deodorants. They contain less plastic and more recyclable material. That’s why we should consider buying them.

  1. Which is the best plastic free deodorant for me?

There are several options for the best plastic free deodorant. Some of them are mentioned above too. Everyone has a distinct preference, so it’s all about what you like. You can also search for the features as mentioned in the buyers’ guide.


We hope that you gained some insights into the best plastic free deodorant. If any of the given products seems interesting, you can consider buying them. However, we cannot guarantee their performance. Though their features seem amazing, you should still do the research. Moreover, you can also consult your dermatologist or doctor to ensure the safety of a particular product.