Where Can I Throw Away Furniture for Free


Are you moving somewhere else, and that one thing that is bothering you is the extra furniture in your house? Well, that is completely relatable!

While you buy furniture with all love and fascination, this same furniture can turn out to be quite a burden when you decide to move out.

Additionally, moving to a new place automatically makes you desire to buy new furniture according to the themes you have set in your mind.

If that is the same scenario with you, then you must be wondering about the query, “where can I throw away furniture for free!” Look no more as we have covered all the necessary information for you under one roof.

Where can I throw away furniture for free?

When you are thinking about throwing away your furniture, you are not basically throwing it away like a piece of trash but finding options to get rid of the items that you don’t need anymore. Here are a few of the options that you can opt for:

Where Can I Throw Away Furniture for Free

1-      Contact Scrap Dealers

Do you want to evaluate your old belongings and see if they are worth something? Then the scrap dealers are definitely your best option. No matter how old or shabby your furniture has become, all of them have some scrap value, and the dealers can for sure pay you some money for that. Even if they are not worth a penny, at least they will take them away from you, and in other words, you are throwing your furniture for free.

What do scrap dealers do of that furniture, you may be wondering? Well, they take the parts off some equipment like bolts or nuts from a chair, screws from a mattress, cloth, wood, etc., to make use of them somewhere else.

2-      Donate the furniture

If money-making is not what you are looking for when throwing away your old furniture, then donating it is something you can do. They say, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” and they say it right. What isn’t useful for you can turn out to be quite of use for someone else.

Depending on the organizations you choose to donate your furniture too, they may take off your burden of sending them the furniture yourself and send someone to your place to pick them up themselves.

Some organizations that accept the used items as donated ones are mentioned below to make it easier for you:

  • Furniture Bank Association of North America (FBANA) are one of our favorites since they will not only pick up the furniture from your place on their own but will also do the whole task of donation by donating it to people in need. This means you don’t even have to worry about reaching the needy people yourself, as the organization handles the task.
  • If there are no furniture banks available in the area located near you, then you can go for Goodwill and Salvation Army. This organization will also send someone to your place to pick the furniture up rather than asking you to deliver it to them.
  • Habitat for Humanity Restore is a non-profit organization that is specifically working to build communities, homes, and hopes. They can find your bookcases, your tables, and your chairs quite instrumental for their cause.
  • Last but not least, if none of the above options work for you, you can go to homeless shelters or thrift stores that are always looking for other donations and household items.

3-      Put it on the Curb

If your area has this option, then you can always put easily movable options like chairs, stools, lamps, etc., into the Curb. This is because such items are easy to carry and don’t require any additional help or support, while sending it to the Curb can shrug much of the weight off your shoulders of having extra stuff in your house.

You can put a “free stuff” sign on the stuff you are putting out there on the Curb so that people can know they can easily take the stuff, and the Curb will be empty in no time.

But how would you know if your area gives this facility or not? You will have to check with your local community association to know the rules. If your neighborhood doesn’t allow you this, you will have to contact your local trash management service to see if they can accept such large items on the trash collection day.

4-      List it Online

This is the era of technology and social media, and one thing that is made super easier by such technologies is getting rid of the used items that are no longer in your use. Therefore, furniture is also not an exception.

No matter how worn out your furniture is, you can always list it online on various platforms, specifically on the Facebook marketplace, and you may find out that the piece you are thinking about throwing away might turn out to be valuable and useful for someone else.

If getting money for such used stuff is not something you are looking for, then you can also list it for free online, and trust us, no one hates free stuff. You will get tons of queries and messages on the platform you put your stuff on and see which person you can trust with your shabby and old stuff.

5-      Local Auction Warehouses

There are various local auction warehouses where the sellers sell either new or used furniture. Many people like to find furniture in local auction warehouses because they find great deals there. But the sellers have to buy the used furniture from someone, right? That someone could be you!

If you know of some local auction warehouses near your location, then you can definitely sell your furniture to them and see if they can pay a good amount or are looking for donations. Some of the ways where these warehouses get their items to include:

  • Receiving free donations from the people who want to abandon their used stuff.
  • They buy with estate or split sales.
  • They can also buy items in bulk from you at lower costs.

6-      Buy and Sell Groups

One thing I love the most about Facebook is the buying and selling groups that are made for various areas where you can keep your furniture listed, which is also absolutely free of cost. This completely depends on you whether you want to sell your items at a price or list them for free.

The people who are interested will either comment on your post or send you a direct message, and you can easily negotiate with your demands and check if you both can land at a single spot. If yes, bid your farewell to your items and relax!

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Tip before throwing away your furniture:

Where Can I Throw Away Furniture for Free

Before you throw away your furniture, here is a very useful tip from our side to go with. Make sure to examine your old furniture that you think is of no use before throwing it away. This is because various furniture items, like tables with scratches, wooden chairs, and sofas, can easily return to their normal condition with some touch-ups like polishing, compound filling, etc.

Make sure to use this tip, especially when you are moving to a bigger apartment, since investing in new stuff can turn out to be quite pricey for you to fill up the extra space in your new house. Improving and reusing some of the old stuff could end up providing you with a greater budget for high-end items.

In simpler words, instead of throwing away your furniture items before putting any thoughts into them, make sure to ask yourself one question, “is the item really that worn out?”. You can repair some items yourself, or if it is impossible for you, you can always go to ask for professional help. If you don’t see any chance of repairing them, then you can definitely go with the throwing-away option.

But if you have already made up your mind to part ways with your furniture, then we have provided you with six different options on how you can easily throw away your used furniture for free without putting in much effort or time.


Furniture items are for sure an important part of making your place look like a home; however, when you have bought some extra pieces that you don’t use anymore or are now moving out of one apartment to another and can’t take all the stuff with yourself, then getting rid of few furniture items become quite essential. However, one thing that bothers everyone is the query, “where can I throw away furniture for free?“. Therefore, in this article, we have covered the six easiest and best ways to go with your used furniture to get rid of such pieces without putting in much effort.