Are orbeez bad for the environment? Let’s find out


Suppose you are looking for an affordable sensory toy for your kids that engage them for hours and stimulate their sense of exploration, too, Check out Orbeez. Orbeez or the magic beads are a really great way to relieve stress and sensory issues and redecorate your rooms. In this article, we have come up with detailed information about orbeez and are orbeez bad for the environment because people have various misgivings about them.

What is Orbeez?

Orbeez is super-cute, small, and colorful gel beads that not only look visually attractive but also feel appealing due to their tactile nature. They are commonly known as crystal balls, water balls, gel balls, water marbles, magic beads, water crystals, hydrogel, etc. They have a unique texture, due to which they are used in sensory play and were originally introduced as children’s toys. These beads have a vibrant appearance, so you can also use them for decorative purposes in vases, floral arrangements, glass tables, and centerpieces. These squishy balls are also used to relieve stress by adults.

Isn’t it amazing that these small playful toys are made of a superabsorbent polymer material that can absorb and hold water up to 100 times their own weight, causing them to enlarge and convert into small, squishy spheres.

Are orbeez bad for the environment?

What is Orbeez used for?

Orbeez is available in a variety of colors and sizes. The versatile squishy balls are used for multiple purposes like art and crafts, sensory play, games and for, decoration, etc. These balls are put in sensory bins, water tables, water guns, and other playful activities to stimulate the senses. They offer a great sensory experience to kids who are diagnosed with ASD, ADHD, and sensory issues. Moreover, these balls can add color and unique elements to any décor if you put them in vases. Some orbeez also glow in the dark, so they look really appealing in dark rooms.

The balls have a unique tactile appearance that provides a calming and stress-relieving effect for adults who need therapy for releasing stress. You can use orbeez as a fidget toy and stress ball to relax and calm yourself down. They are also used to demonstrate various concepts like expansion, absorption, and measurement in schools and training centers.

Are orbeez bad for the environment?

Is it okay to play with Orbeez?

Orbeez is not harmful or toxic. The polymer-based water beads are safe for children and the environment, but there are some safety concerns you should consider.

Innocent children can swallow them and can cause a choking hazard, so you must not give them to young children or your children if they have a habit of putting things in their mouths. Moreover, you should not keep them in a moist environment for a long time because they can develop molds and bacteria and can be harmful to you and the environment. In addition, one must also take care while disposing of the, o drain because they can expand and clog the water lines causing backups and overflow.

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Is Orbeez Bad for Environment?

This is a serious concern because there are various misconceptions about it and people think that Orbeez is very harmful to the environment.

  • Orbeez is made of non-toxic polymers but they are not harmful to the environment if you use and dispose of them appropriately. However, there are some environmental concerns to consider in order to stay safe and keep the environment safe.
  • The most important and worth-noticing fact about the orbeez is that they are not biodegradable, so they do not break down quickly into the environment. They take a lot of time to break down and can contribute to plastic pollution, so you must compost them properly.
  • Orbeez has the ability to expand as they absorb water. One must not flush them down the drain because they enlarge and can clog pipelines leading to septic system issues and overflows.
  • Another important concern is the way how you need to dispose of them because it needs energy and resources to compost them.
Are orbeez bad for the environment?

So, how do you dispose of Orbeez?

As Orbeez can become a potential risk to the environment, one must try to dispose of them properly. We would recommend you throw them in the trash or into the soil as they release water. They can be used to conserve water and hydrate the soil. Flushing them out or throwing in into the sink or garbage is a big ”No” because they can clog your pipelines or contaminate the septic system. Moreover, if they stay moist, they develop molds and bacteria that can pollute the environment.

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Are orbeez bad for the environment?

Frequently Asked Questions:

How big can Orbeez get?

Orbeez gets bigger when you use pure water. Moreover, they grow faster in hot water, and if you add a pinch of salt to them, they can retain size for a long time. They can attain a maximum diameter of 14mm.

Can Orbeez shrink again?

Yes, the orbeez can shrink again. They lose water and take their original form. Just leave them in the sunlight, and there you will see them shrinking again. However, they are reusable, and you can again put them in water to play or decorate your vases with them.

Does Orbeez get mold?

Yes, Orbeez can develop mold and unpleasant odor if they are kept in a moist place. One must keep them in the sunlight to dehydrate them properly; otherwise, they will develop molds on them, and you will not be able to use them anymore.

Are orbeez biodegradable?

Orbeez is not biodegradable, so they take time to break down in the environment. This is why some people fear that they are not eco-friendly and a potential reason for environmental pollution.


In summary, Orbeez is a great sensory toy and a unique decorative magic bead that are not harmful to the environment. However, they Can become a potential risk to the environment if proper care is not taken to dispose of them.