Plastic Free Toilet Paper Reviews


How often have you thought about bringing plastic-free stuff into your home but always stopped at the toilet paper cause, well, how can they be plastic-free? Well, let me tell you, they definitely can be! While toilet paper is every home’s essential, we can’t even imagine how badly it affects our environment with the waste it produces.

Additionally, deforestation plays a major role in making toilet paper which only adds to the negative impacts on our mother Earth and the plastic packaging it comes with. Therefore, going for an alternative that is not only plastic-free but also does the exact same job is the solution.

Our list of best plastic free toilet papers can sort this out for you since you can significantly decrease your carbon footprint and not give up on this essential product.

Best Plastic Free Toilet Paper (Detailed Review)

  1. Cloud Paper Bamboo Toilet Paper

Plastic Free Toilet Paper

The toilet papers manufactured by Cloud Paper Company are not your ordinary ones since they are made using 100% Bamboo and are a perfect alternative to the toilet papers made through deforestation of trees. It is one of the best toilet papers without plastic packaging and has no dyes or fragrances, which makes it completely eco-friendly. The company sells its bamboo paper in a box, and each box contains 24 rolls of bamboo paper, and each roll contains 350 sheets individually.

Each rollout of these 24 rolls is packed individually in plastic-free packaging, and all of them are delivered in a cardboard box. What makes these rolls, their packaging, and the cardboard box stand out is the fact that all of them are made up of materials that can easily be composted once you are done using the rolls. You can put all the waste along with packaging in your backyard compost bin and let it decompose.

  • you can decompose waste.
  • Plastic-free rolls and packaging.
  • Doesn’t charge a premium.
  • Strong 3-ply paper.
  • Shipped in a recycled cardboard package.
  • Rolls are small compared to competitors.
  • Average when it comes to softness.

2-      Pure Planet Club 3-Ply Bamboo Toilet Tissue

Plastic Free Toilet Paper

Toilet paper from Pure Planet Club is 100% plastic-free because they have used renewable bamboo to manufacture these papers. Not only this, there is no use of any material from trees, and they are playing their part to reduce deforestation as much as they can. The reason why they have selected bamboo as the main material to produce their toilet papers is that it is known for the fastest growth worldwide and takes only four months to reach its maximum height. This particular fact makes it one of the most renewable materials one can get hands-on.

Pure Planet Club is committed to providing everyday stuff that is made using mostly natural materials, is safest to use, and has no potential harm to the environment. Their toilet papers are no exception. This toilet paper can be a great choice for your family because of its softness, and it is very strong and long to last long. Not only is it eco-friendly but also cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, septic-safe, and BPA-free.

  • ·         Toilet paper is recyclable.
  • ·         It is manufactured without harming animals and trees.
  • ·         The product is sustainably and ethically sourced.
  • ·         Rolls are large enough.
  • · No prominent con as such.

3-      Marcal – MRC6079 Toilet Paper 100% Recycled.

Plastic Free Toilet Paper

Coming in a package of 48 rolls, this Marcal MRC6079 has made it to the list of best plastic-free toilet papers because it is 100% plastic-free and offers various other benefits. The pure white color of the tissue is not achieved using any harmful ingredient as it is whitened without using chlorine-containing chemicals. This makes it absolutely harmless to use and septic safe, which are basic requirements of toilet paper.

In order to provide added strength to the papers, they are made embossed and perforated. Along with that, the toilet sheets are quite absorbent and soft to suit your skin the best. These toilet papers by Marcal have been green seal certified because of being 100% sustainable and recycled. Also, they are crafted without any added fragrances that make them hypoallergenic, which means they are unlikely to cause any allergic reaction to your skin.

  • ·         It contains 336 sheets in each roll.
  • ·         The paper is virtually lint-free.
  • ·         The package includes 48 rolls.
  • ·         No chlorine bleach or other harmful chemicals were used.
  • ·         It is an environment and budget-friendly product.
  • · The toilet sheet is thick.
  • · It is difficult to go down the drain.
  • · Paper is difficult to tear.

4-      The Cheeky Panda – Bamboo Toilet Tissue Paper 

Plastic Free Toilet PaperHaving great tear strength and the ability to perforate perfectly, this Cheeky Panda Bamboo is one of the best toilet papers without plastic packaging and is the most affordable eco-friendly paper that you can have. The toilet paper is made in three layers, making it thick enough to use, but the great part is that the softness isn’t compromised. Additionally, there is no addition of any harsh chemical that may end up irritating your skin.

What makes it stand out among others is that the company works with various charity and sustainability organizations, and when you subscribe to the company, you get to earn points to donate to famous charities, including WLT (World Land Trust). The product is completely BPA-free, free of dust, fragrances, and chlorine bleach, and it is dermatologically tested to make sure that it is suitable to be used by people who have sensitive skin. Also, the Cheeky Panda Toilet Paper is 100% biodegradable which means it won’t contribute to waste that may harm the environment.

  • ·         It comes in paper packaging.
  • ·         Cardboard boxes are also recyclable.
  • ·         Most cost-effective among competitors.
  • ·         Toilet paper is strong and absorbent.
  • ·         FSC forest certified.
  • · The size of the rolls is a bit small.

5-      Reel Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper

Plastic Free Toilet PaperComing in a package of 24 rolls, the Reel Premium Bamboo Toilet paper is made using 100% Bamboo and is absolutely free of plastic. It is a 3-ply toilet paper that is ultra-soft in touch and strong, so you don’t have to compromise on quality once you decide to go green when it comes to toilet paper. Along with using zero plastic, the toilet paper is chlorine-free, tree-free, fragrance-free, and no inks or dyes are used to color it, making it one of the most eco-friendly toilet papers available on the market. This makes it not only good for the environment but also for your skin because of being free of all the hazardous materials that may end up harming your skin potentially.

Everything coming with this toilet paper is plastic-free, even the tape that is used during the packaging. The rolls are sustainably wrapped along with coming in a package made of recyclable and biodegradable materials. Using the Reel toilet paper, you will be confident about not harming the environment in any way and reducing your carbon footprint to a significant level.

  • ·         A subscription service is available.
  • ·         The company is charitable and provides clean toilets to those in need.
  • ·         Toilet paper is soft and strong.
  • ·         It comes in impressive packaging.
  • ·         It helps reduce carbon footprint.
  • · The rolls are quite small.

6-      Betterway Bamboo Toilet Paper

Plastic Free Toilet PaperAs the name suggests, the toilet paper is made using 100% Bamboo, which makes it environmentally friendly and doesn’t pose any potential harm to Mother Earth. What makes this Betterway Bamboo Toilet paper stands out is the fact that it is very few of the toilet papers that come with a 100-days money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the product. Bonus, buying this toilet paper, you get to have almost two times more tissue as compared to other famous brands.

The toilet paper is made of three layers of lint-free and strong paper and offers a neat tear technology. It comes in a double textured pattern that gives complete softness on one side and a textured grip texture on the other side. These toilet papers are fragrance-free, no dyes are used, and completely hypoallergenic, which makes them absolutely suitable for people having sensitive skin issues.

  • ·         100% plastic-free packaging.
  • ·         The wrappers on individual rolls are compostable.
  • ·         No problem of irritation or sensitivity.
  • ·         Two times longer than other known brands.
  • ·         Lint-free and strong toilet paper.
  • · The texture makes it a bit abrasive.
  • · The price is high.

7-      NooTrees Bamboo 3-ply Bathroom Tissue

Plastic Free Toilet PaperEverything that comes in NooTrees Bamboo Toiled Paper is 100% environmentally friendly and plastic-free, from the outer packaging to the inner toilet papers. The toilet papers are made using 100% virgin bamboo pulp, and no compromise is made on the softness as it is velvety soft in touch and highly absorbent. The company guarantees that the source of the product comes from certified farms and mills as their bamboo toilet paper is FSC certified and also 100% renewable.

There is no addition of any hazardous or harmful ingredients like dyes, inks, chemicals, etc. and the final product is absolutely safe to use and BPA free. Also, the product is 100% chlorine-free to adds to its benefits and safety. Therefore, there is absolutely no denying that the Toilet papers by NooTrees are made using sustainable and biodegradable products that make them 100% eco-friendly and safe to use.

  • ·         It is soft and absorbent enough.
  • ·         The toilet paper is a three-ply roll.
  • ·         Quite stronger than competitors.
  • ·         Less waste because individual rolls are not wrapped separately.
  • · The paper may slip off the roll.
  • · The texture is a bit rough.

8-      Bim Bam Boo Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper

Plastic Free Toilet PaperComing in recycled cardboard, the toilet paper is 100% tree-free and made of bamboo, while the packaging is totally petroleum free to help save the environment. It is a two-ply tissue roll with a silky smooth touch and proved to be great for sensitive skin as they have manufactured it using hypoallergenic formula.

Each roll is packed individually, and the packaging is completely compostable and recyclable, thus making this one of the best toilet papers without plastic packaging available out there. The construction of this toilet paper makes it suitable to be used in homes, offices, and even outdoor adventures like hiking or camping, etc. After usage, the toilet paper leaves no lint, which is definitely a win-win situation. Also, the paper feels a lot softer and sturdier than the standard two-ply toilet paper compared to the competitors.

  • ·         No plastic packaging.
  • ·         There’s no lint after usage.
  • ·         It comes in individual paper wrapping per roll.
  • ·         It helps in avoiding skin irritations.
  • · Rolls are small at this price.
  • · You constantly need to change them.

Buying Guide – Best Plastic Free Toilet Paper

Before making your final decision of which toilet paper you should buy that is not only eco-friendly but also does its job well, here are some factors that you need to look for.

FSC certified:

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint on mother Earth and go for a toilet paper that claims to be green, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification is what you need to look for. An FSC tree tick logo on the toilet paper claims that the product is FSC certified, and the company claims correctly to produce green products.

Recycled Material:

Only the toilet paper made of recycled material contributes to the betterment of the environment like no other. Recycled toilet paper is made from reusing some materials and keeps the landfills free of toilet paper waste.


You need to look for this claim by the company when buying toilet paper if you have sensitive skin and get irritations quite easily. A hypoallergenic toilet paper is good for sensitive skin and doesn’t harm it or cause any allergic reactions.

Chlorine Free:

The whiteness of the majority of the toilet papers is achieved using chlorine bleach which can prove to be harmful to the environment as the elemental chlorine gas produces dioxins which are not good for the surroundings and your health both. Therefore, either look for toilet paper that isn’t bleached at all or use suitable alternatives of chlorine-like hydrogen peroxide or oxygen to get that white color.

Ply Count:

The ply count of toilet paper means the number of paper used, and it usually ranges from one to four-ply count. The rule of thumb is that the higher the ply count, the more absorbent, softer, and stronger would be the toilet paper. Usually, most toilet papers come in a three-ply count, which is good to go.


To go completely plastic-free, look for toilet paper that doesn’t come in plastic packaging either for the individual rolls or even for the whole package. Most of the brands are now coming up with recyclable cardboard packages for delivering the products, while individual rolls are covered in recyclable paper rather than plastic.

Scented and printed:

While scented and printed toilet papers can prove to be aesthetically pleasing to add to your bathrooms, however, the fragrances and dyes or inks used to give scent and prints to the toilet papers are not considered safe or environmentally friendly. Therefore, if you can easily ignore the aesthetic part, you should definitely go for toilet paper that is fragrance and dye-free.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs:

1-     How do I choose the right toilet paper?

To make sure that the toilet paper that you are going to buy or are using is the right choice for you, go for a brand that provides toilet paper that is sturdy and soft. This is because the toilet paper should not break easily that it doesn’t last long, and also should not be hard to damage your skin.

2-     Does toilet paper expire?

Toilet papers are very rare to expire. As long as they don’t get wet and are not exposed to dirt or dust inside the packaging, each toilet paper roll can easily last for a decade or more.

3-     What is plastic-free toilet paper?

The toilet papers that do not use plastic at all and use suitable alternatives like timber fiber, bamboo, or sugarcane to manufacture the toilet paper are considered plastic-free.

4-     Is there plastic in toilet paper?

Before people were concerned about environmental conditions, toilet paper used to contain plastic and come in plastic packaging. Even today, when most brands are claiming to go plastic-free, most of them come in plastic packaging.

5-     Why is bamboo toilet paper better?

Bamboo toilet paper is better because it can easily break down in water and are effortlessly strong and soft enough to use on your skin. Additionally, they don’t contribute in adversely impacting the environment.


With the increase in awareness about how our daily-life impacts the environment adversely, people are now moving towards environmentally friendly practices to reduce their carbon footprints. One of the essential products that we use daily plays a huge role in impacting our environment, and that is toilet paper. Finding an alternative to this product is quite difficult therefore moving towards a toilet paper that is eco-friendly and plastic-free is the only option left. Our list of best plastic-free toilet papers will make your choices precise and help you reduce your carbon footprint for the betterment of your mother Earth.