6 Eco-friendly Reusable dish Sponges


If you a nature-lover kind of a person, then you must have taken care of everything from saving water while doing dishes to stopping using anything that involves plastic. Have you ever thought of a sponge in your hand for cleaning and washing? To save this beautiful planet from consuming waste, switch to Eco-friendly reusable dish sponges.

Do you know the sponge you are replacing every month to maintain kitchen hygiene is contributing to adding up waste because sponges contain micro-plastic? For sustainable and easy living, you should own an Eco-friendly dish sponge developed from natural stuff to prevent pollution. Let’s see, what our options are, and how they can help us maintain the environment.

best Eco-friendly reusable dish sponges – biodegradable dish sponge

  1. Scotch-Brite Greener Clean Non-Scratch Scrub Sponges

Eco-friendly Reusable dish Sponges

One of the best healthy alternatives to a plastic sponge is Scotch-Brite greener scrub sponges. It’s made from a natural material and doesn’t involve dangerous elements during manufacturing. If you are tired of using the same sponge over and over on utensils with no cleaning power, it’s time to change it for better performance. It will also allow you to save the environment from harmful micro-plastic elements. For the past 50 years, Scotch Brite has been proudly serving customers with the best products to play their part in preventing land pollution.

Whether you want to use these sponges on a conventional pot or non-stick, you can rely on them for a clean base like it’s new. Also, if you want to use a sponge for cleanings, such as on countertops and bathtubs, you can use it without leaving scratches behind. Many people choose a soft piece for cleaning, but it won’t fight stains. Scotch Brite natural greener clean scrub sponges can wash any surface perfectly, and the surface will remain scratch-free.

The sponge is manufactured from 100% natural material with 23% recycled paper and 50% natural agave plant to prevent plastic interference in a process. In this way, you can play a massive role in adding more piles of plastic and keep your kitchen hygiene on point. The scrubbing power of a sponge is impressive, and there is no need to use anything else on the surface for cleaning. It’s 100% recyclable material, and before throwing it off, you have to remove a scrub part and decompose the rest for other living beings.

  • Made of natural material
  • Works on any surface
  • Prevent pollution
  • Prevent contamination
  • Packaging is plastic
  1. SCRUB IT Natural Scrub Sponge – Eco-Friendly Plant

Eco-friendly Reusable dish SpongesCleaning and scrubbing the pot is sometimes a headache and the most tiring task after a long day. What if you don’t have the appropriate sponge in your hand, and now scrubbing the surface is the only option to fight stubborn grease? As a result, you will notice scratches on the surface because the scrubber is solid and made of plastic. Those tiny plastic elements are surely rubbing off the stains but are harmful to the overall environment because of plastic contribution.

Scrub it natural scrub sponge is made from eco-friendly plants and is 100% biodegradable. You will love the performance, from washing off the dishes and floor to cleaning countertops. These eco-friendly reusable sponges are to help you when you don’t want to compromise on your family’s and planet’s health. Every other kitchen sponge claims to be powerful and free from plastic, but it’s not true as they are heavily processed due to the addition of micro-plastic.

The best way to save your home from unnecessary chemicals and toxins is to use a natural scrub sponge with high-quality ingredients. The hard side of a sponge is for eliminating grease, and the other part can absorb excess water inside. When using a natural scrub sponge, you don’t have to worry about scratches anymore because scouring fibers make it powerful but scratch less. You can use it on your favorite glassware without a doubt in your heart.

  • Made of high-quality natural ingredients
  • Excellent scrubbing power
  • Leave no scratches behind
  • Excellent absorbency
  • Sponges have plastic packaging
  1. AIRNEX Biodegradable Natural Kitchen Sponge

Eco-friendly Reusable dish SpongesEvery day, we are getting extremely conscious about our health and home hygiene. The majority is moving toward natural products to avoid chemicals, toxins, and plastic as much as they can in their life to save the planet. Airnex is also taking the initiative to protect the mother Earth from getting polluted by producing a biodegradable natural kitchen sponge. The goal is to create sustainable sponges and eco-friendly products that harm no living being on this planet.

Airnex biodegradable sponges are 100% natural as they are manufactured from white cellulose and coconut fiber. They are giving away a healthy way to clean your pots every day, and due to tiny pores in the sponge, it will dry quickly. This structure eliminates the chances of contamination, and you never have to experience a stinky smell. Due to natural sponges, you can save your family illness-causing compounds, and it’s an excellent chance to play your part in stopping pollution.

Other than impressive performance, you will love the S-shaped design. It’s easy to squeeze, and it will get adjusted according to your hand shape. No more wrist pain because now you can have the best thing in your kitchen. This natural sponge is multi-purpose and never leaves scratches on any surface. You can wipe away every inch of dirt or grease effortlessly from the surface with impressive absorbency. Whenever you discard it, it will decompose as it is produced from 100% natural material. With every purchase, Airnex will plant a tree on your behalf and give you a free e-book to learn more about sustainable environments.

  • Zero-waste natural sponge
  • Hand adjustable shape
  • Dry quickly
  • Clean the base deeply
  • It’s hard in the beginning
  1. Natural Sponge 10 Pack – Eco-Friendly Kitchen Sponge

Eco-friendly Reusable dish SpongesThe more environmental conscious you get, the more you will be able to contribute towards its solution. It’s high time that everyone should stop using any product with plastic because it’s not only unhygienic for your kitchen but killing sea creatures brutally. Natural sponge by helping out mother Earth is a purpose-driven brand with an excellent product to maintain hygiene. Their natural sponge is sustainable, biodegradable, and highly absorbent.

It’s made from 100% sustainable material, which will decompose once you discard it without harming any living being. The scrubber is manufactured from natural coconut cellulose and a sponge of wood cellulose for exceptional performance. For any cleaning task, from dishes to your furniture, it can do it all with no scratches on the surface. When it comes to durability, you will be impressed by hearing that it can defeat 30-rolls of paper towels and will biodegrade.

It is one of the eco-friendly reusable dish sponges you can pick for better hygiene. Due to natural material manufacturing, it has a porous structure that makes it dry quickly, and you won’t be experiencing a stinky smell anymore. Also, there is no need to keep changing it every 15 days because it’s durable and tough enough to last for a long time. Through this sponge, you can clean out all the mess from your kitchen and, at the same time, play your part by reducing plastic from the planet. By using it, you will be impressed by its performance and what wonders it can do in the kitchen while washing the dirt away.

  • Sustainable and biodegradable
  • Non-scratch scrubber
  • 100% recyclable packaging
  • Dry naturally
  • It’s hard to squeeze
  1. Natural Hemp Sponges for Dishes

Eco-friendly Reusable dish SpongesWhen planning to buy zero waste products from the market, we have limited options because most brands claim to be plastic-free but are not. Natural hemp sponges for dishes are made of all-natural elements and are durable to last a long time. It’s tightly knitted together from 4-threads to prevent damage while fighting against the tough grease. It’s made of 100% hemp material which is more reliable and recyclable than plastic sponges.

The structure of the scrubber is porous and dries quickly after completing dishwashing. It’s one of the valuable products to use when there is no chance of using anything plastic in your home. Natural hemp sponges for the dish are beneficial for dish cleaning and the pets in your home because if they chew the sponge accidentally, it will not cause massive harm to them. What if I tell you that it can wash in a machine without losing its texture, it can still work fine.

These hemp sponges are perfectly capable of cleaning pots, expensive utensils, and furniture without leaving a scratch behind. This brand has offered an impressive guarantee. If you have to throw it away before five months, the company will deliver a free replacement. Also, you can dispose of it with the confidence that this product is not harmful to any living being. By washing this sponge at 90degrees of temperature, you will eliminate any chance of growing micro-organisms on it or contamination.

  • Natural knitted scrubber
  • Last for about five months
  • Dries quickly
  • Appearance stays the same after intense scrubbing
  • Fiber may smell sometimes
  1. UKEENOR Natural Bamboo Sponges

Eco-friendly Reusable dish SpongesAn excellent alternative to a plastic sponge is none other than a natural material. How are you supposed to contribute your part to reducing waste? The only method through which it is possible is by using natural products, avoiding heavy manufacturing processes, and decomposing after a limited time. Your quest ends here because Ukeenor natural bamboo sponge is here to help you clean anything in your kitchen, from dishes to countertop, like a pro.

These natural bamboo sponges are durable to last for cleaning purposes and never let micro-organisms grow on them. It has high cleaning power with a super durable texture to last for months. These sponges are made from natural bamboo, and you will be amazed by the performance. It can absorb maximum water without stinking for a minute in your kitchen. Bamboo is one of the healthy and natural ingredients to manufacture a product, and you will never move back to plastic ones.

Also, if you have small kids in your home and are sensitive to catching any allergy, there is nothing better than a bamboo sponge to clean their utensils. After using it for a month, if it’s time to clean it, toss them in a washing machine and dry it to remove residues. You will love the overall performance because the premium material is suitable for washing anything without spreading germs. These Eco-friendly scrub sponges decompose without leaving a bit of plastic on the planet. The longevity and absorbency of the sponge are on point.

  • Eco-friendly sponges
  • Easy to clean
  • High cleaning power
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Not suitable for cleaning countertop

Buying Guide for Eco-friendly Reusable dish Sponges

The sponge is one of the popular things in our home, and we regularly use it, but when it comes to choosing the best possible material, we all need guidance. Let’s scrutinize some of the factors essential to remember when buying eco-friendly reusable sponges.

  • Material

A biodegradable product is all about getting manufactured from the kind of material that can decompose and other living beings can feed on it. Plastic is one of the harmful elements on Earth, and people are getting conscious every day to stay away from it. When planning to switch from plastic sponges to eco-friendly ones, you should focus on natural materials. Cotton, cellulose, and loofah are suitable for washing utensils because of the minimum manufacturing process.

  • Longevity

It’s not a wise decision to invest in sponges that are expensive with minimum longevity. There is no point in using a natural sponge when you have to discard it after a few days. Along with the manufacturing process, focus on longevity because you don’t want to discard the sponge when it can last for a month. Usually, products made of natural materials last longer because they are safe from contamination.

  • Recyclable Packaging

How is it possible that a company is teaching about biodegradable sponges to its audience but not preaching it? The only way to find this out is through witnessing sponge packaging delivered to consumers. Many brands care about the environment and planet, so they always produce recyclable packaging to promote a healthy environment. In this way, you can also get a clear picture of the company’s value and how much they are into the healthy environment.

  • Easy to Clean

A sponge should be washed at the end of each washing cycle to prevent contamination and maintain kitchen hygiene. If the sponge is of natural material, it will get cleaned in the washing machine or by hand. Even if used for a long time, it will not leave germs on the surface of your utensils.


Which sponges are Eco-friendly?

When picking up an eco-friendly sponge, you should have natural material in your mind. Loofah and wood are eco-friendly materials to choose from for washing or cleaning. They are sustainable, so you don’t have to keep changing them because they smell bad. In this way, you can reduce microplastic from the Earth and maintain home hygiene.

Is sponge an Eco-friendly material?

Most of the ordinary sponges we use in the home are not eco-friendly and manufactured from micro-plastic material, which is only not harmful to your kitchen; but to Earth. Whenever you discard these sponges, they pollute oceans and add more plastic to the environment. For Eco-friendly reusable sponges, you have to choose from particular natural sources that are different and sustainable.

What can I use instead of sponges?

We all prefer sponges over other washing stuff because of their easy scrubbing and soft material. If competing sponges with other products for washing utensils, you will be disappointed. When you don’t want to use sponges, whether made of natural material or not, go for dish brushes, bamboo pot scrubbers, bamboo clothing, and soft dish cloth.

Are cellulose sponges Eco-friendly?

The toxicity of any product depends on its manufacturing, and what is its impact on the environment? Cellulose sponges are far better than plastic sponges because of their preparation from wood fibers. Their manufacturing doesn’t involve plastic and has no contribution to land pollution. They are a bit pricier, but you can trust them for better performance.

Final Thoughts

The sponges you used in the kitchen are not of natural material, and it’s not possible to recycle them to use again. These sponges are responsible for contamination even though everything seems fine from the outside. Our eco-friendly reusable sponges clean perfectly and are just as effective as you expect them. Take a simple step towards zero waste life and bring positive change to the planet with your little but valuable move. These eco-friendly sponges can scrub away all the dirt like your previous one, and you can surely count on them for better results. These sponges are not bleached, dyed, or processed to harm any living being on Earth.